Programs for ROMEO

There are the program for "ANCIENT-FM Sound Technology -ROMEO-". Japanese page is here.

Programs for ROMEO

Title: raine32 0.40.2 +ROMEO 20040601
requirements: environment where raine32 for Windows work good, and "ROMEO" / PCIDEBUG.DLL required
Date added: 01 Jun 2004
MD5 checksum 82dbf035584b46be37b40500c427f589

This program is raine32 0.40.2 modified version to support ROMEO.

(This part was translated by Hally. Thx!)


01 Jun 2004: ("PHANTASY STAR ONLINE Blue Burst" client program download service start commemoration release)
            Changed the source codes to 0.40.2 bases.
17 Jan 2004: ("WEEKLY DEAREST MY BROTHER" issued commemoration release)
            Changed the source codes to 0.39.0 bases.
01 May 2003: (hina. work "Chima-Chima Puppet" issued commemoration release)
            Added The processing which changes F-Number transposed with YM2203 and YM2612 clock.
            Corrected K-SYSTEM(KiKi KaiKai, Kick & Run) YM2203 clock.
02 Mar 2003: (KOGAWA, Misaki work "SETSUNAKANAIKANA" issued (at 27 Feb 2003) commemoration release)
            Added dual68 panpot function.(but still it is incomplete.)
            Recompiled zlib1.1.4 with secure options.
03 Feb 2003: (IWAOKA, Meme work "KURUKURU RIN-NE(Rin-ne the Twirler)" series end (at 01 Feb 2003) commemoration release)
            Changed the source codes to 0.37.3 bases.
            Added the Mr. USA's transmitting delay processing correspondence function.
20 Jan 2003: (YAMANA, Sawako first book "ICHIGO JIKKEN-SHITSU (Strawberry Laboratory)" issued (at 06 Jan 2003) commemoration release)
            Changed the source codes to 0.37.1 bases.
            Changed the compiler to gcc 3.2.
            Added to try to select the X1(4.000000MHz) and the X3(3.579545MHz)at the time of YM2151 initialization.
            Fixed the rhythm part data of YM2608 is not outputted to ROMEO.
22 Jul 2002: (YAMAZAKI, Fua first book "Dome Children" issued commemoration release)
            Fixed there were times when the data is not written to YM2203.
            Fixed the panpot might not work in the DariusStereo mode.
            Changed the register writing waiting process.
16 Jul 2002: DariusStereo corresponded.
            Added sleep(0) to YM2151W() function.
22 Jun 2002: YM2151, YM2203, YM2608, YM2610, and YM2612 sounded.

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